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Candidate Experience Podcast


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Episode 44: Culture Add -- Terron Wilson
Episode 43: Good Karma -- Dee Commodore
Episode 42: Kindness and Empathy -- Emily Kaija
Episode 41: Never Met A Stranger -- Aaron Moore
Episode 40: Being Intentional -- Jorge Quezada
Episode 39: Walk in Their Shoes -- Haley Sasser
Episode 38: Have a Game Plan -- Rosie Martinson
Episode 37: Shine Like a Diamond -- Omer Molad
Episode 36: Bug In The Ear -- Angela Shaw
Episode 35: View From The Cheap Seats -- Adam Rosenfield
Episode 34: Show Your Work -- Vern Howard
Episode 33: Swinging for the Fences -- Derek Trovillion
Episode 32: Second Chances -- Jamie Almond
Episode 31: It Happened by Accident -- Bari Polay
Episode 30: No News Is BAD News -- Graham Quinn
Episode 29: Empathy for the Job Seeker -- Joey Price
Episode 28: We’ve Come Along Way -- Todd Raphael
Episode 27: Accidentally On Purpose -- Will Barfield
Episode 26: The Verdict Is In -- Teri Harrell
Episode 25: Unrestricted Free Agent -- Byron Jackson
Episode 24: Old School Billboard -- Nadia Danford
Episode 23: Mystery Shopper -- Alex Her
Episode 22: Ice Cream for Breakfast -- Martin Fretwell
Episode 21: Harmonizing Is The Name of the Game -- Brandy Patterson
Episode 20: Former Corrections Officer -- Dan Collins
Episode 19: Turnover Reduction -- Sarah Williams
Episode 18: Use The Science -- Carlos Hidalgo
Episode 17: License to Hire-- Jessica McNulty
Episode 16: Hot Hot Cold -- Robin Kegerise
Episode 15: It’s Not You, It’s Us -- Jessica Russell
Episode 14: Make Wellness Part of Your Culture -- Om Suthar
Episode 13: Do Your Homework -- Nina Merklina-Morrison
Episode 12: Goldfish Have Longer Attentions Than Humans -- James Marable
Episode 11: Country House, Bourbon, and Action Hero -- Stephanie Gibson
Episode 10: Voice of the Candidate -- Chuck Solomon
Episode 9: Planning, Dodging the ATS, & Shamu -- Ted Benson
Episode 8: Rejections, Demos & FaceBook -- Chris Russell
Episode 7: Puppies, Feedback & Reverse Shadowing -- Dr. Christina Moore, DVM
Episode 6: China, Networking and ATS -- Jerel Bonner
Episode 5: Ghosting, Change and Confession -- Erin Spencer
Episode 4: Ham, Robots & Goldman Sachs -- James Ellis
Episode 3: Closing the loop -- John Campbell
Episode 2: Behind the scenes -- Brian Ellis
Episode 1: Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good -- Alicia Parr
Intro: The good, bad and ugly of candidate experience!


This podcast explores the job candidate journey typically via 1:1 interviews with guest experts. Hiring managers, talent acquisition, HR, recruiters, and job candidates will gain valuable insights. Our mission is to help improve the hiring journey for all.

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